ANTISEZONA’S podcast brings a series of discussions with artists tied to ANTISEZONA’S programme. Discussions are about processes, inspirations, collaborations, intensities, problems and breakthroughs. Each discussion is a unique meeting, recorded spontaneously and with minimal editing, intimate and completely open. In the format of an audio recording of extended duration, the podcast brings several dialogic portraits and gives access to that which propels artistic practices, what lies behind performances, official interviews, announcements and critical analyses.


ANTISEZONA’s first podcast episode in English welcomes French-Israeli dance artist Laura Kirshenbaum, during her residency in Zagreb. The conversation with Iva Nerina Sibila and Sindri Ucu flows from connection of politics and aesthetics in Israeli dance, over feminist dissolution of Genesis in her solo performance No Hard Feelings, over to the Botanical garden in Zagreb that was in April 2022 covered in – snow.

Laura Kirshenbaum is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and an outside eye. She approaches the fields of dance and choreography as fields of knowledge, by which cultural, social, sensorial, perceptual and physical faculties are being learned or unlearned, questioned and maybe even tackled and disturbed. She holds an MA in choreography from the Exerce Master program (Montpellier, France) and was formed as a dancer in several formal and informal dance training programs (SMASH, Berlin; danceWeb, Vienna; Yasmeen Godder studio, Tel Aviv and others).

RECORDED ON: 2nd April 2022