is an awarded dance artist, educator, publicist and organiser of cultural events, with a focus on inclusivity and communication with audiences. She earned her three-year contemporary dance education at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, UK and her Master’s degree at the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, Croatia. She is continuously active and working within dance and performance scenes, both in Croatia and internationally, since 1995. Several of her projects work towards the accessibility and visibility of dance, researching the emancipatory potential of dance education, as well as positioning dance in a broader social context.

Concurrent to her artistic work are her critical, reflexive and research texts about dance, firstly as an editor of the magazine Treća (Centre for Women’s Studies Zagreb) and then as an editor of the magazine for dance arts Movements / Kretanja (Croatian Centre of the International Theatre Institute) from 2002 to 2015., including the issues in English. She is the editor of Movement’s / Kretanja’s professional library and TALA Dance Center’s publications. She is a columnist and editorial board member of the online publication Her texts have been published in various publications – both in Croatia (Treća, Frakcija, Kretanja, Kazalište, Cantus, Vijenac, Zarez, Čitanka) and internationally (European magazine for dance, performance and ballet Tanz, Slovenian magazine Maska, various other collaborative publications). She has worked with the Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography, Croatia, in the field of contemporary dance.

She highlights Trafik and Kik Melone as significant artistic collaborations.

She is the founder and artistic director of the Divert Inclusive Dance Collective, a professional education and performance dance project, notable for its inclusion of dancers with and without disabilities, active since 2012. Divert has performed its productions on various dance and theatre festivals. Divert’s productions, frequent media presence and continuous educational programme exert significant influence on the Croatian cultural and social scene, expanding the limits of artistic expression and promoting the principles of inclusion.



is a dance artist from Rijeka, working in Zagreb and Velika Gorica, Croatia. She is the founder of the artistic organisation Kik Melone and one of the organisers and curators of ANTISEZONA. The focus of her authorial interests is relational: primarily interpersonal, as well as temporal and spatial, with a special affinity towards researching the ethics of relations, letting go into the precision of the here and now. In terms of beliefs, she is a humble follower of the agential realism of Karen Barad and ‘Pataphysics.



is a dance author, performer and educator with a Master’s degree in Solo/Dance/Authorship from the Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany. She works with the (i)matteriality (object-ness) of dance and the choreography of relations. In her work, dance is always thought of as a contexualised and relational gesture. She is a co-organiser in the ANTISEZONA collective. She has been one of the co-founders and organisators of the Improspections festival since 2007, which has received the UPUH – Croatian Dancers Association collective award. She teaches, studies, choreographs, performs and curates in Berlin, Stockholm, Bratislava, Teheran, Sofia, Novi Sad and elsewhere.



works as a curator and director of projects. She studied and finished Museology and Heritage Management (Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia), Theory and Culture of Fashion (Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb, Croatia) and Journalism (Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia). She is a member of several museum associations.



is a multimedia artist working in the fields of performance, visual and experimental arts. She has a Master’s degree in Animated Film and New Media (Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, Croatia, 2017) with a specialization in contemporary artistic practices. She works as an author (Dina Desert 2022, She Is Not the World 2017 – 2022, Done 2020 Along the Way 2021, Done (Working Title To-Do) 2020) and through professional collaborations (artistic organisations Divert, Kik Melone, MOLD Collective, TALA PLE(j)S and others). Her works have been shown and performed in Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Varaždin, Čakovec (Croatia), Can Serrat (Catalonia, Spain). As a member of the Divert Collective, she performed in Osijek (Croatia), Vienna (Austria, ImPulsTanz festival) and Berlin (Germany). Her reflexive and authorial texts have been published in the dance magazine Movements / Kretanja and the experimental publication The Hub / Čvorište (Galerija Miroslav Kraljević). She is a member of the Croatian Freelance Artists Association / HZSU and the Croatian Association of Artists / HDLU. She is a part of ANTISEZONA’S organisation team (2019 – today).

Other professional capacities include photographic, video, editing, post-production and directing skills, creation, design and administration of websites and content for social media, and illustration.


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PHOTO: Nina Đurđević