Divert and Martina Tomić
online+live performance

ANTISEZONA 20 online + live is bringing you a double bill weekend of works from Divert inclusive dance collective and Dance Collective Magija.

An inclusive approach to dance, one which makes contemporary dance available to dancers and choreographers of non-standard (physical and intellectual) abilities, is an integral part of the ANTISEZONA program. With their labour and dance performances, dancers with differently capable bodies change the perception of not only the performers’ bodies, but physicality itself on a broad social scale. In terms of choreography, working within the inclusive dance field destabilizes essential terms such as time, speed, gravitation, exposure, virtuosity, thus becoming a focal point of innovation in choreographic work and of questioning the practice of performance.

The Devil’s Advocate“, choreographed by Martina Tomić and the dancers of the Divert collective, translated into an online format, will be performed live on the 9th May, 19:00 hours. The livestream will be available on the following link:

STAGE MANAGERS OF ONLINE PERFORMANCE: Martina Tomić, Nina Gojić, Nenad Kovačić
AUTHORS OF MEMORIES IN ONLINE PERFORMANCE: Mia Kevo, Helvecia Tomić, Leon Goličnik, Jason Mulhausen, Marijan Pajvot

The dance performance “The Devil’s Advocate” appeared at the end of September 2019 – from today’s perspective, it’s a performance temporarily impossible, as most other dance performances are. In the online version we will keep the thematic and choreographic interests which we were dealing with in the performance and which we consider especially pertinent in this moments – listening, collective decision-making, achieving consensus in a community, participation and inclusion, support for the other and leaving the community – but we will do so using other performative mediums. The online performance will be an archive of the work and a memory of the touch and the listening which initiated our process: a combination of recorded scenes, performers’ memories of the process and the performance, and an online performance in real time. Although we’re aware that moving a dance performance online brings forth certain risks and contradictions, with this experiment we aim to pose the question how can we listen and hear each other in different ways, where and how can we open up spaces for new negotiations and (dis)agreements.

Join us after the performance for a discussion as part of the Hangover Session on Zoom.
Meeting ID: 813 0784 9912
Password: 026967