Kik Melone
online+live performance

With a whole new range of transparency, still, and motion picture we present this Performance as evidence.
In an old yet newly discovered digital format, we leave ourselves open to charges of being ahistorical or flimsy, light and flaky, and we call upon this performance as a witness.
A witness of ?
The work collected here aims to displace the tyranny of identity, and instead to think about acts?
Theatrical acts, performance acts, circus acts?
and No.
Staged are: Acts of love. Acts of care. Acts of dancing to some Satie if we want to. Acts of speaking from a position of your alien other because I have to. New and yet prior notions of acts. Of acting out. Overacting. Overexplaining. Explaining acts.

PATAPHYSICIANS: Marko Gutić Mižimakov, Umberto Lancia, Silvia Marchig, Jasen Vodenica and Perun & Pino Ursulić
PRODUCTION: Kik Melone, in frames of ANTISEZONA 20 project