video recording

photo: Krunoslav Marinac

Lemia is a meeting between two dancers – Leon and Mia, created out of their specific physicalities, energies, musicalities and unique partner chemistry. Lemia began out of their playful need to disturb the customary approaches to moving through space, dance and use of objects and relations. Thus, Lemia starts slow, drawing the audience into the inversed time and space. Mia and Leon, by continuously changing the rules of their game, through spirals and circles, abandon their own physical identities in order to create one body. Lemia is intrepid and precise, touching and humourous. Lemia is a carousel of perception.

PERFORMANCE: Mia Kevo and Leon Goličnik
CHOREOGRAPHY: Iva Nerina Sibila and dancers
PERFORMED ON: Dance Week Festival, Zagreb; Western Balkans Media Days, Skopje, North Macedonia; Antisezona, Zagreb; PUF International Alternative Theatre Festival, Pula

AWARDS: Vjetar Award, PUF International Alternative Theatre Festival