Kik Melone
film, discussion

Amoroso is a film made from video material recorded during the research project Kik Melone Amoroso in April 2014.

The project started by inviting fellow dance artists Sonja Pregrad and pavleheilder and the multimedia artist Sabina Mikelić to spend a week being, working and exploring together. Intentionally leaving the boundaries of research undefined, the project proposed to approach relationships within collaboration as we would love ones. Relationships within which each gives and receives unconditionally, is autonomous and respects others’ autonomy, in which what is most valuable happens in the space between and is conditioned by mutual relationships. A space that affects all those included and taps into a zone of intimacy.

My desire was to create a sheltered time-space shell in which to be free to explore what we find valuable at any given moment and share it with others, without pressure about efficiency and without censorship. The poetry of Sylvia Plath was brought into the process, out of completely subjective reasons and in accordance with the utopian proposal of the project.

The entire process was documented with a video camera: to avoid the question of transience and ephemerality (or to emphasize it), to open up the issue of watching and performativity (or to disregard it) and to have a document of the process.

The film Amoroso is at the same time a pseudo documentary testimony, an attempt to hold time spent together, an analysis of a creative process and an autonomous artistic work which experiments with the choreographic process of film montage.

– S. M.

DIRECTION: Sabina Mikelić i Silvia Marchig
PARTICIPANTS: Sonja Pregrad, pavleheidler, Silvia Marchig i Sabina Mikelić
PREMIERE: 29th November 2014, Improspekcije Festival

After the projection of the film, there will be a discussion with authors, Silvia and Sonja will be live in MSU, pavleheildler as well live, but by Zoom platform. Film and discussion can be watched online as well, as a part of ANTISEZONA online + live.

There will be a timed streaming of the film on Twitch, after which there will be a discussion on Zoom, link provided after the film.

Link to Zoom