Shannon Stewart

photo: Ian Douglas

How does the material of who I am, intersect with the material of who you are, the material that has made us, the matter that we engage with, and the magic that goes beyond matter?

Over the course of two days, our sessions combine somatic exercises adapted to engage questions about how we construct our bodies and how they are constructed. Proposals are seeded from queer, feminist, crip, critical race theory, and each other that exemplify and disrupt the way identity is embodied individually and collectively. We focus attention to the pressure spaces exert, the surfaces that we are reflecting off of, the relationship of subject/object, as well as the act of relating. We explore the process of orientation and disorientation, saying yes to our patterns and then stepping back to read what our bodies are doing through a variety of lenses. We will use tools/actions/scores that are familiar but slightly re-configured to look for rifts, illegible or unfamiliar spaces.

This project is supported by the 2022 GPS / Global Practice Sharing program of Movement Research with funding from the Trust for Mutual Understanding.

Please send applications for the lab to improspekcije@gmail.com. The price of the lab is 200 HRK (payment serves as a reservation). In case of cancelling, 150 HRK is refunded.