Laura Kirshenbaum

I am Laura Kirshenbaum, a dancer and choreographer living in Montpellier, France. I hold an MA in choreography and research from the Exerce Master program (ICI — centre chorégraphique national Montpellier in partnership with Paul Valéry University), and have been working extensively in the dance field for the past 10 years.  This year I will start working on my new project In the Garden, a site specific project, aimed to be performed in the botanical garden of Montpellier. The botanical garden in Montpellier is the first botanical garden to be established in France, and was commissioned by King Henry IV.

As I will arrive to Zagreb to participate in ANTISEZONA, the possibility of launching the research in Zagreb’s botanical garden appeared to me as an interesting terrain to begin with. 

Each botanical garden carries its own history and vegetation; one plant that is displayed in Montpellier will not be found in Zagreb. However, what I see in common is the ecology of diversity, care and the concept of interconnectivity; all are necessary and urgent practices to embody and share with one another in light of the different crises we are facing.


In the workshop we will explore the garden by applying different physical and choreographic tools. I am interested in understanding further the idea of botanical gardens;  this unique assemblage of both local and international vegetal agents, displaying histories and cultural connections, alongside sensorial and corporal faculties which are addressed throughout the visit.

The workshop points of departure are the following questions: What is happening when we spend time with and in proximity to vegetal presences, what is happening to our senses? To our perception? How can we take care of plants, and each other? What are the affects of this encounter on both sides (we can only speculate and imagine how the plants are being affected)? These questions among other questions would be the workshop’s ground. 

I approach this workshop setup as a temporary learning communitythat by practicing together and exchanging impressions, new knowledge can emerge; knowledge which is based on experiential and sensorial proposals.

During the workshop we will walk in the garden, and try physical exercises where it will be accepted and agreed upon in advance. The workshop is open to the local artistic community, and will be limited to 10 participants.

In the Garden on ANTISEZONA is realised through DANCE HUB, a residency and studio slot programme that is a part of the European Life Long Burning project.