Sonja Pregrad

photo: Nina Đurđević

prijevod na hr

Sonja Pregrad is Croatia’s supported Creative Crossroads Cycle 1 artist for the time frame 2023 –2024. Sonja is a choreographer, performer and performance curator / organiser based in Croatia.

Emancipating the figure of a dancer, I question this subject-object chiasm of her performing body. From object to materiality, embodiment, touch, synaesthesia, sensuousness, receptivity and submission (or at least their oscillation game with assertion and imposing) as vehicles for performance. Choreography then for me is a construction of the quality of attention, space of inquiry into bodies (animate and inanimate), materialities and performativities, as well as into their status within the relationships of dance as a medium with other fields of art and thought.

In 2023./24. I am working on a choreographic research and production (to be premiered in November) ‘On e.motional geometry of Plants’ in collaboration with Nika Pećarina, Lana Hosni, Ivana Bojanić, Viktoria Bubalo, Anna Javoran and Eva Priečkova. Next to that I am touring a solo ‘Object of Dance’ produced in 2022, next to the group work DOWL produced in 2021. (Croatian Dancers Association Award for the Best Group Performance). These works expand my interest in drag as an expanded strategy to address performance and dance, continue the methodology of the group/composite body choreography and unfold the idea of sensuousness as a vehicle for performance.