Dear all,
Still wishing you to be as safe, grounded and empathic as one can be and with a thought about all those whose life at the moment does not provide conditions for that,
We are inviting you to join our weekly Saturday evening program online+live
This Saturday, 4th of April at 7 PM,
this time for a format of a live and online talk:
– a conversation about the root changes in our everyday life and artistic practices, about political and poetical implications of the current crisis and about the need to and ways how to protect community, networks and solidarity in times of such radical isolation and exposure.

Our invited speakers are:
Ivana Bago – art historian, curator, teacher at the University of Applied Arts Vienna
Anika Cetina, Linda Tarnovski, Ela Đimoti, Margareta Sinković – Students of Contemporary Dance Studies at Academy for Dramatic Arts, Zagreb
Nikolina Pristaš – dance artist, choreographer (BADco.), head of the department and teacher at Contemporary Dance Studies at Academy for Dramatic Arts, Zagreb
Siegmar Zacharias, performing arts teoretician and performing artist, Berlin

You are warmly invited to join the talk at the ZOOM platform, the meeting ID: 906 582 748 Pass: 442020
Please feel welcome to join the conversation, as well as be a listener (without video or microphone on). We would like to record the sessions, as to be able to make an online archive of the thoughts around these rapidly evolving changes.

In the currently unfolding world’s health, social and political situation, as dance artists and citizens, we see the need for survival of work/action, but also of structures for (artistic) dealing with the experience of reality that we are having collectively.
Everything seems new, (existentially) fragile and in becoming, although historically as well, in some point of a cycle. That’s why we think that it is interesting and necessary to ask questions, talk and think together, considering that this is a learning and embodying process of a collective, and it’s artistic and civil reaction(s) will also be collective.