22nd26th SEPTEMBER 2022

design: Dora Đurkesac

The theme of this year’s sixteenth edition of Improspections Festival is sensuous surfaces as a medium of (bodily) interaction with the world. How are we immersed in our surroundings? Improspection’s programme looks at different embodied, intermedial and social aspects of the materiality of our relations, co-agency, thinking with / through the materiality and sensibility.

The programme consists of five guest performances (two from Croatia, three from abroad), installations, a collaborative project by students from the Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Dramatic Arts, two workshops and an experiential-discursive programme as part of the ANTISEZONA Xtenzija and Performance Situation Room programmes. A series of discussions with artists called Responding to Performance through Practice and a publication themed around the festival offer additional immersion into its theme and artistic works, artists and their poetics, politics and perspectives.

Festival news, details and events on the Improspections Facebook page.