Kolektiv Federacija
hybrid format

photo: Marcandrea

Permanent Exhibition of Nowness is a 45-minute live installation with audio guides. It consists of three to five performers’ moving figures in three roles. Initially, the performers take one of the three agreed roles: figure, contextualiser and observer. The visitors are an inevitable part of the agreement, since they play at least one of the three roles – the role of the observer. The audio guide also invites the visitors to take the roles of the figure and the contextualiser, making them a more active and conscious part of the installation. By changing the roles, the performance unveils the manifold points of view. It is more important how to observe than what to observe.

“A body is already a museum of everything going on now and what is going on now is what is now and what was and what will be,” said a student while she was watching and as a visitor taking part in Permanent Exhibition of Nowness.

The audio guides are in English.

Click here for the audio guide or scan the following QR code:

Kolektiv Federacija focuses on the diversity of views, methods, forms, formats and all the elements of artistic creativity. Should we seek a common denominator for all the projects and artists of Federacija Collective, it is creativity defying standards. Federacija Collective was established in 2009 by Andreja Podrzavnik, Snježana Premuš and Gregor Kamnikar. Since 2010 they have been creating timeless projects for different venues and audiences, still performed and evolving.

CHOREOGRAPHY, PERFORMANCE, TEXT AND AUDIO GUIDE READING: Federacija Collective (Andreja Rauch Podrzavnik, Snježana Premuš, Gregor Kamnikar)
SOUND AND MUSIC: Chris Benstead, Josip Maršič, Boštjan Perovšek
PRODUCTION: Federacija

Guest performance, part of the Ne/održivost arhiva plesa programme.