Ivana Bojanić, Dora Brkarić, Viktoria Bubalo, Anna Javoran and Tea Maršanić
online+live performance

This weekend we are very excited to invite a guest online+live performance FOUND CHOREOGRAPHY by five freshly graduated dance artists: Ivana Bojanić, Dora Brkarić, Viktoria Bubalo, Anna Javoran and Tea Maršanić, after the last weekend’s Close Encounters of the Dance Kind and screening of performance “Sve četiri za jedno. Na rubu dodira i kaosa.” by Ana Kreitmeyer, as well as publishing our blog with the documentation of all events and writings by our guests and authors.

This collective work started last year while these five were still studying at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Now they are picking up the work and preparing a translation of it for Antisezona online+live.
Found Choreography: having started with the idea of the movement of a flock of swallows, the authors are questioning the logic of the organization of movement and materials imposed by a new medium and how the work shifts and is shaped by it. The ground for this performance is made of a defined score, questioning of continuity and it’s interruption through the process of fragmentation, and how to work with appearance of glitch i.e. mistake in the system.

Anna is laying down, her head is protruding
in the frame belly breathing
whiteness in my frame
I have something in my lap
a hand shaking Viki
is it flickering
the camera is the head of the spectator
I carry you who is watching me
as I carry you
from hand to hand
a finger as a drastic change
she is of a slightly different character
chaos in the moment
face drawing closer after not being close in a long while
everything is upside down
I can’t with my foot
I don’t see myself
it’s not recording my sound
Dora’s camera is off
I’m ready
how many changes can this camera endure

The work will be performed live+online on Saturday 2nd of May at 7 PM.
You can follow the performance at:
Directly after you are invited for an Hangover session zoom conversation about the performance and the experience at Zoom platform, ID: 906 582 748 Pass: 252020

MUSIC: Helge Hinteregger (with permission from BADco., original music for piece Deleted Messages / Brisane poruke)