OOUR, Mila Čuljak and Jelena Lopatić
online+live performance

Saturday’s program, on the 16h May 2020 at 19:00 hours, has “Down, by Law“, a co-authorial initiative by OOUR, by authors and performers Jelena Lopatić and Mila Čuljak, on its repertoire. The performance shown on ANTISEZONA 20 continues on the performance piece created as a co-production between co-authorial initiative OOUR and HNK Ivana pl. Zajca. During the 2017/2018 season, Jelena Lopatić won the audience award for Best Actor, while the piece won the audience award for Best Drama Play Overall in the Croatian Dramas program.

“In jargon, the the phrase ‘down by law’ has several different meanings. Jim Jarmusch, director of the film with the same name, ‘Down by Law’, says the phrase was used in street jargon during the 80s to signify a person you’re close with.

Our ‘Down, by Law’ is a monodrama written as an impression of a period of time ranging from the birth of a boy named Boris and up to the moment when the text was written. The battle with wishes, expectations, endurance, operations and illnesses implanted in the excess of the 21st chromosome also constructed a special way of parenting, one written in a new code – a code of performance and togetherness. As I was writing this, I was striving to strengthen an everyday that brought a severity of emotional, organizational, caretaking and social balancing.
The present brings even more striving and questions about interconnection and support. Where are we now? How will the ‘Borises’ of the world revivify societies?
Jelena and me decided to prettify ourselves and petty crime your time (steal it). Now, perhaps more than then and ever, we need communities that strengthen. This is, and will continue to be, around 55 minutes of closeness, interconnection, care, tenderness and understanding towards all families of persons with Down syndrome and all of us.”

Mila Čuljak

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TEXT: Mila Čuljak
AUTHORS AND PERFORMERS: Jelena Lopatić i Mila Čuljak
AUTHOR OF MUSIC: Adam Semijalac

Album “Down, by Law OST” can be listened to and downloaded for free on the following link:

TEXT AND PERFORMANCE ENVELOPED AND SUPPORTED BY: Nataša Antulov, Selma Banich, Sandra Čarapina, Mejra Mujičić, Alan Vukelić and Dobriša Radovanović