Anika Cetina

photo: Edita Sentić

Work is based on individual and imaginary experiences of a victim, perpetrator and bystander which I hold in one performative body. An affective performative state arises which I choreographically develop in a performative modality that functions as a coping mechanism while facing the conditions of choreography, performance and myself.

Anna, balla deals with an effect and affect of violence.

It is moved by my memory, sense of responsibility and a need for response to the tragic event of Vitomir Jovičić Simke’s death in 2009 in Rijeka. During a night out, after being forced to break dance and rap, he was pushed into the river where he, surrounded by many, suffocated by drowning.

Fragments of play 4.48 Psychosis from the author Sarah Kane and song Schiccerie from the author Madame are used in the choreography.

Anna, balla was created throughout the academic year of 2020/2021, in the production of Academy of Dramatic Art of University of Zagreb, during the study program of Contemporary Dance, performance division, in the course of Research project 1 and 2, under the mentorship of Irma Omerzo.

Special thank you to Irma Omerzo and Valentina Miloš.