Sindri Ucu
online performance

visual: Sindri Ucu

It’s like the old joke goes… What happens when you open Twitch.TV instead of Netflix? You get to see this performance instead of some anime live action adaptation or the latest million-dollar comedy standup show. Although the difference is negligible – each streamer is tens of thousands of viewers away from being signed as the Next Big Thing. Video streaming platforms and technologies, the ones where you get to show your own live content, form various big, small, marginal and sometimes one-time communities.

Multimedia artist Sindri Ucu is using this space of monetized digital hangouts to put on a no-screw-rattling online performance featuring technological proficiency, movement sufficiency and personhood deficiency. Streaming platforms and culture are thus utilized into an exhibition of tools, concepts and maybe even movement.

We’re also celebrating the end of 2024 and all the baby art that was born that year.

12th October, 20:00 – 23:00 UTC+2 on
15th October, 20:00 – 23:00 UTC+2 on

Sindri Ucu is a multimedia artist that likes to perform and be clever.

Part of the ANTISEZONA X-tenzija and Life Long Burning 3 programme.
Part of the broader project