residency and studio slots

Via open call, the network offers a multitude of opportunities for emerging dance artists, dance administrators and dance writers to deepen and exchange their knowledge. For DANCE HUB, the project partners develop a system allowing for these benefits to reach beyond the local scene and bring international artists from one into another local scene in order to introduce previously unknown players with each other. All DANCE HUB residencies include travel, housing, per diem and studio. They are at least 10 days and up to 6 weeks long, include exchange with local artists and institutions and ensure strong accompaniment and involvement by the receiving project partner. Some DANCE HUB residencies focus on development of work (including coaching), some on completion of work (including technical assistance and precious theatre time), others on the implementation of an international festival, the deepening of technique or the practice of writing. Every open call is stating in detail what is on offer for the artist and following this call through when selecting the artists for the relevant DANCE HUB residency.


25th March1st April 2022

Laura Kirshenbaum in Zagreb
in collaboration with the ICI — centre chorégraphique national Montpellier

Israeli-French author Laura Kirshenbaum will perform No Hard Feelings and hold a workshop with local artists called In the Garden.

No Hard Feelings is the second part of H.A.N.D project where anything can happen and nothing is taken for granted. Going back to Genesis, Laura Kirshenbaum alters archetypal representations of women, calling upon Eve’s avatars and their portrayal over time. With a sense of irony and humour, she celebrates and dances her constantly becoming selves and herstories: at times a witch, a whore, both snake and bird, ghost, fluid, irruptive.

The In the Garden workshop explores the garden by applying different physical and choreographic tools. The author is interested in understanding further the idea of botanical gardens;  this unique assemblage of both local and international vegetal agents, displaying histories and cultural connections, alongside sensorial and corporal faculties which are addressed throughout the visit.


courtesy of ANTISEZONA | photo: Nina Đurđević

21st28th March 2022

Bíborka Béres and Ádám Jeneses in Zagreb
in collaboration with the Workshop Foundation in Budapest

Hungarotrópus is an interdisciplinary collaboration between media and visual artist Ádám Jeneses and dancer and performance artist Bíborka Béres. It is a performative exhibition event about tropical fruits and intergenerational female desire in oppressive political systems. A utopic feast for all the senses, it features soviet-style prefab buildings, real, mutant and imaginary tropical fruits, a Hungarian grandmother’s anecdotes and a transcendent tour guide.


courtesy of ANTISEZONA | photo: Nina Đurđević

24th February8th March 2022

Ivana Bojanić, Anika Cetina and Lana Hosni in Budapest
in collaboration with the Workshop Foundation in Budapest

The interest of Ivana Bojanić, Anika Cetina and Lana Hosni for the artistic residency at Workshop Foundation arises from their interest of a residency imagined as a shared space for three dancers and three separate artistic processes. Does the process have to be isolated from the other(s) in order to happen? The artists are curious to see how these artistic researches meet, relate and communicate, how they affect and feed each other from fluidity and spontaneity of their processes. They find it exciting to be able to ask of one’s needs during the process and through testing each other’s principles and practices to clarify each own.

As a conclusion to this artistic / research residency, Ivana, Anika and Lana predict offering to ANTISEZONA: a video material as a Meditation on howling or a Howling workshop (Ivana Bojanić), a shareable score – a score as a performance or a score as a research of a practice with windows (Anika Cetina) and a workshop in a form yet to be found (Lana Hosni).


courtesy of the artists