Sonja Pregrad and DISKOlektiv

photo: Stela Horvat, image: Sonja Pregrad

We are inviting you to the one day laboratory led by choreographer Sonja Pregrad in collaboration with DISCOllective in which the following questions will be addressed:

How can we (experientially) think through or put in motion notions such as document, archive, performance? What are the mechanics, the process or the choreography of an archive? What (else) can be a document? What (already) is an archive?

From our choreographic expertise of the embodied processing, in three hours of this Lab we will activate the sequence of propositions. We will open and share our personal process of research and open the space for thought process and questions of participants as a collective process.

This Lab is intended for dance artists, dramaturgs, new media artists, performers, students in those areas and all interested in questions of archive and performance regardless artistic or educational background.

Lab is part of the project Possible Future Works – Archive as a Sensual / Experiential Object in the production of the Fourhanded artistic organisation, supported by Foundation Kultura Nova.

This project is, among other things, the attempt of (artistic, collaborative, regional) innovation into the models of documentation and dissemination of the choreographic labour, – in order to make this work visible (in the contexts where there aren’t that many opportunities for presentation of such work, or for the production of informed critical reception of it and its dissemination models); – so it can be available to the context within which it arises (and in which it mostly isn’t, because of poor institutional and now also epidemiological conditions); – therefore to investigate what those new choreographic / practical / artistic findings can feed back into the discursive loop of theoretical thinking – informational, phenomenological, critical. 

HOW TO APPLY: Send a short biography and letter of motivation to by Saturday, 22nd May, 12 PM.