Performance Situation Room #1 | IN THE GARDEN

Laura Kirshenbaum

How to learn a garden by heart? 

In the workshop we will embark on a sensorial exploration in Zagreb’s botanical garden, using the different physical and vocal tools that were at hand in the artistic research of Faune / In the Garden project.  

The garden is a vibrant and vivid ecosystem where multiple events take place; everything, everywhere, all at once: We will open up our field of vision – from the insect perspective to what’s there – on top of trees, the skin will take an active part in the garden’s landscape and imaginative ears will cover each centimetre of our bodies in order to tune in to the lowest sound, touch will introduce us to the plant’s textures and their different shapes. 

Alone and together, close to the plants and to each other, we will be traveling in the garden’s paths and its ever-changing tempor(e)alities.  

The workshop’s duration is three hours. Take comfortable clothes to move with. We will spend time on the ground close to the plants, among them – wear something you don’t mind getting dirty. Bring water and a snack, and if you feel like, bring your notebook to sketch / write / draw the images /ideas/ words that are coming up. No former experience in dance/ movement needed. The workshop will be given in English.

The lab is a part of ANTISEZONA X-tenzija and Performance Situation Room #1, which is a part of the Life Long Burning 3 European project.



SUNDAY, 25th June | 11:00 – 14:00 | Botanical Garden