ANTISEZONA, a project of continuous presentation and contextualization of contemporary dance and related performative practices in the Museum of Contemporary Art, has entered its fourth year of activity.

This year’s program articulates three multiannual oeuvres of artists and artistic organizations who and which envision ANTISEZONA through premiere and returning performances, as well as through an extended program of dialogues with guest artists whose works resound with common, similar, or parallel obsessions.


The first block, named ANTIREPERTOIRE, initiated on February 14th – 15th, continues March 24th – 27th in the Museum of Contemporary Art and includes returning performances and guest performances created within and in proximity of ANTISEZONA’S environment, which we want to make available to the audience once more. In February we saw DOWL by Sonja Pregrad, Anna Balla by Anika Cetina, and Not Just Random and Rare by Anne Ampersand, while in March we are showing Sol by Silvia Marchig and All Four One. Brundle. Chaos by Ana Kreitmeyer. We will also see the premiere of Fear of Small Differences by young artists Viktorija Bubalo and Anna Javoran.

As part of the Dance Hub residences of the EU project Life Long Burning, Israeli-French artist Laura Kirshenbaum will perform No Hard Feelings and hold a workshop with local artists titled In the Garden, while Hungarian artists Bíborka Béres and Ádám Jeneses will perform their emerging work Hungarotrópus.


The June block includes performances by Matija Ferin and Sindri Ucu, who are also participating in a Hangover Session, summer edition, moderated by Iva Nerina Sibila. The high-risk cast of Kik Melone invites you to a collective dive into previous experiences, poetry and never seen before performative situations. Following and documenting all of it are archivists S.P., C.K. and T.K. who will present and afterwards move the S.M. Archive into the metabolism of the museum.


The September block brings IMPROSPECTIONS2022. The sixteenth edition of the festival touches upon the concept of sensuous surfaces, shaped into a program of international and domestic performances, thus offering a presentation of new aesthetics and policies of performances, focusing on the way human bodies are immersed (through dance) into their surroundings.


The October block brings an interdisciplinary programme marking 10 years of work by the artistic organisation Divert / IMRC in the field of inclusive dance. Besides workshops and performances, the central events of this block are the opening of the Divert Archive that contains, along with already published video materials, never-before-seen recordings from rehearsals, residencies and other events and the Paradoxes of Inclusivity10 Years of IMRC / Divert Collective discussion, where we think about, along with authors, dancers from the organisations and expert media, the past, present, but also future activities of the organisation and broader society in terms of inclusion in dance.


OBJECT OF DANCE is at the same time the name of the block which will close ANTISEZONA 22 in November, the name of a new artistic organization based on years of experience in working on the topics of the body, dance, and objectness of the dance artist Sonja Pregrad, as well as the name of a drag persona. In the new work, the author is broadening the concept of drag from body (identity), to movement, speech, the very idea of dance and performance, formulating the gesture into the solo body performance in the over-dimensioned space of the Museum.

Considering we use ANTISEZONA as a vehicle of affirming dance as a contextually sensitive, feminist, intermedial, inclusive, experimental, and collaborative practice, the program brings returning performances, premieres, guest performances, the international festival of improvisation Improspections, the intermedial program Cyborgs Dance, as well as a number of experimental and developmental formats such as Close Encounters of the Dance Kind and Hangover Sessions. Thus, we plan to welcome in the Museum of Contemporary Art numerous colleagues, such as Antonija Dorbić, Ana Jelušić, Nina Gojić, Gordana Svetopetrić, Gregor Kamnikar, Lana Hosni, Matija Ferlin, Marko Gutić Mižimakov, Sindri Uču, and others.