We are placing the first block of ANTISEZONA in 2021, WHITE BOX SESSIONS, into the spaces of MSU’s permanent display. WHITE BOX SESSIONS emerged from the challenges of opening new artistic and communication solutions, since we are currently deprived of accessing the black box theatre stage at Gorgona hall, that is still damaged after the earthquake, and waiting to be repaired. Since the first edition of ANTISEZONA, our programming followed the direction of “staying with the trouble” and reacting to the unpredictability of the times in which we are creating our dances, choreographies and performances, thus the transition into digital, textual and discursive media are already part of our practice. Now, we are working in a white box situation, in the vast white space of the permanent exhibition space of the Museum (while listening to the echo of its volume and reacting to the power of its architecture). Herewith we continue our interaction (intra-action) with the primary function of the museum, which is in the meeting point between contemporary art (visual, kinetic, conceptual, film and new media) and the public.


The second block of this year’s ANTSEZONA 21 – SATELLITE SESSIONS opens in May, June and July 2021. It consists of works launched through space and time, distant but firmly connected by dynamic forces that attract them into orbits around each other. Still looking for ways to respond to the challenges we live and work in, we have placed the works in the conditions they need to live and in the relationships that seem to generate important topics and questions. Thus we open the ubiquitous theme of long-term collaborations: how we nurture them, how they change and how they change us over time, what kind of freedom and responsibility they bring, how they empower us.


The first autumn block of ANTISEZONA 21 – SUPERNEW changes the stellar configurations of the universe, bringing three premieres: Dowl by Sonja Pregrad, Mothers in Spring / Sadder than The Saddest Piece. Ever. by Kik Melone and Vulnerable Bodies by Ana Jelušić. ANTISEZONA online + live continues through the already known format of Performative Writing Lab, this time presenting the work Undone by Ivana Vojnić Vratarić.


The BLACK BOX SESSIONS program name stands as an antithesis to the first program of the year – in April – called WHITE BOX SESSIONS, referring to the white exhibition space of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb in which it was held. Still displaced from its original ‘home’ – the Gorgona stage – ANTISEZONA housed its four-day program at the Cultural Center Travno, serving as a ‘satellite’ or substitute space.